Frequently Asked Questions

What is OVI Hydration?

OVI is a better way to hydrate, infused with a purpose. You can take moment to refresh your mind and body.

It has natural balance of water, sugars and salts to help set you on course to get the most out of your day.

What flavors are included in the range?

OVI is available in four great flavors: Peach, Berry, Mandarin Lemon, and Mango.

Does OVI Hydration have any additives?

OVI Hydration is used no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavor.

What is the fruit juice used in OVI Hydration?

OVI Hydration uses peach, berry, mango and citrus fruit juice to create its four flavor options.

Does the fruit juice have a preservative or anything added, or is it pure?

The juice comes in concentrate form. All we add is water to make it a standard juice.

How many calories does OVI Hydration have?

OVI Hydration contains 90 calories per bottle.

How much sugar does OVI Hydration contain?

There are 21 grams of sugar in every bottle.

What type of sugar is used in OVI Hydration?

The sugar in OVI is all natural and is a combination of fruit juice, sucrose and natural honey.

What is the source of the natural flavor used in OVI Hydration and their ingredients?

The natural component of the OVI flavors comes from the fruit.

What is the ascorbic acid made from and is any GMO process used during its production?

The ascorbic acid is made from non-GMO corn.

Is OVI Hydration suitable for people who suffer from food allergies?

If you are an allergy sufferer, it pays to carefully read the label to check that all the ingredients are suitable. OVI HYDRATION is free from known common allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, cereals, seafood, fish or sesame. If you are unsure, please seek help from a qualified health professional about any concerns.